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Everyday Leadership: The Secret Sauce to Innovation


Editor's Note - As part of their committment to the Houston Innovation Ecosystem, we are thrilled to partner with Insperity on an ongoing Startup Series on The Cannon Blog. Below is the first of many articles from subject matter experts on the Insperity team, enjoy! Everyday Leadership: the Secret Sauce to Innovation Kelah Raymond Insperity Performance Consultant Running a lean business means you need to get the most from every encounter and every employee. If you want a competitive edge in business and innovation, how are you promoting everyday leadership? In other words, what are you doing to empower [...]

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Vote Blockchain


Midterms are in the books and once again they dominated the surrounding news cycles. While swings, upsets, and zombie victories in Nevada ate up a large portion of the stories, an all too familiar topic once again reared its ugly head. The Wired headline read: “Voting Machine Meltdowns are Normal - And That’s A Problem.” The Cedar Rapids story went: "Mistaken Identity at Polls Causes Voter Woes.” Even President Trump and Attorney General Sessions chimed in to warn about voter fraud.  It’s 2018 and robots are running parkour courses. Don’t we have some way of addressing voter fraud and poll [...]

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Startups by Kids


Startups for Kids Last week we talked about startups for kids: toy makers and teachers using technological advancements in combination with tried and true educational principals to build tools for youth. This week, we’re taking a look at the other side of the coin.. Afterall, the startup boom isn’t only reserved for legal voters or even people old enough to drive. Every day more children are founding their own companies and successfully building their own brands. Take a look at these five stellar kids running their own startups! Mo’s Bows Moziah Bridges Lots of kids Moziah’s age (15) [...]

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Startups for Kids


At The Cannon, we host startups of all kinds. We have startups that are changing the way we work with energy and startups that cure your hangover before it begins. We’re home to startups who connect field sales teams and startups passionate about connecting fans to the sports they love. Startups are serious business, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun. This week, we’ve tracked down four fantastic startups that focus on bringing joy and growth to children. Check out these startups for kids. Lemonade Day Lemonade Day isn’t just for kids, it’s by kids! For [...]

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Startup Strategy – Protecting Your IP


Startup Strategy: Protecting IP Here at The Cannon, we’re all about creatively intelligent people with the guts to chase their ideas. Ideas, especially the kind we witness in action on our campus, hold the power to change the world. That makes them pretty valuable. Whether founding the next Facebook or the next Snuggie, protecting your ideas (and your IP) is critical to retaining that value and your startup. Here are some things to think about to help you protect the things you dream about. Software Selection Apple doesn’t use a 4-digit passcode for its sensitive information - just [...]

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