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New Year, New Trends


New Year, New Trends Elliot Franshaw, The Cannon As we settle into the swing of 2019, let’s take a quick look over our shoulder before a lasting look ahead! Facebook fell, Fortnight flew, and 2018 is in the books. As the tax code changes, the stock market revels in a forgettable year, and the government remains shutdown, what can we expect from 2019? Here are a few trends and trials to expect from the new year. Moving Money With the rise of Venmo, Cash App, and Zelle, change is upon the banking industry. Brick and mortars are dying, [...]

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Perfecting Your Pitch


Perfecting Your Pitch Jake Askew, Cannon Ventures At some point, every entrepreneur will understand the importance of delivering a concise, effective pitch. Whether you are pitching a fundraising opportunity to investors or trying to sell your idea to a prospective client, a compelling pitch can make all the difference. We have all heard the clichés for public speaking; however, giving a successful pitch takes more than just “picturing the crowd in their underwear.” Here are 5 tips that should help turn your pitch into a powerful presentation. Start with the Big Picture, Then Narrow Your Focus First, your [...]

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The Cannon Expands to Galleria Area Location


The Cannon Expands to Galleria Area Location West Houston Entrepreneurial Hub Announces First “Off-Campus” Location Houston, TX: The Cannon, a coworking space and entrepreneurship hub based on the west side of Houston, will be partnering with commercial real estate group Griffin Partners and opening their first “Off-Campus” location at 675 Bering, just west of The Galleria. Featuring numerous individual offices, a variety of open and dedicated desk solutions, and bookable conference rooms, The Cannon - Post Oak will provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses to join The Cannon’s growing community but base their business in a Galleria area location that’s more central than The Cannon’s main campus, located [...]

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Coming in 2019…


As 2018 wanes and 2019 approaches, reindeer, red bows, and impending New Year’s resolutions dominate our days. At The Cannon, we know one red bow we can’t wait to unwrap in the coming year: our shiny new home! Construction clips along daily on campus. Where months ago there was nothing but dirt, now a more complete picture is coming together. "Now that the roof is on, we are able to power through whatever weather delays Houston decides to throw at us," noted Managing Director Brad True. The Waiting Room never ceases to bring us [...]

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Silver Screen Startups


Here at The Cannon, we’re big fans of the little guy duking it out against entrenched powers and coming out on top. David over Goliath. Luke Skywalker and the Rebels over Darth Vader and the Empire. Something about a passionate person achieving victory after operating from a perceived deficit, size, budget, or otherwise, gets us going. Startups are the obvious little guy in the business world, but we prefer those doing the dance far from traditional hotspots like Silicon Valley and Seattle. Like most places, Hollywood is home to entrenched powers which control much of the movie business. Due to [...]

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