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SXSW Recap


SXSW Recap - CIA Shows New Ways to Solve Problems Brad True, The Cannon  Last weekend, The Cannon team joined tens of thousands of attendees descending on downtown Austin for SXSW 2019, spending 5 days attending panels, networking with attendees, and learning from some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs, marketers and innovators in the business. We even joined up with a group of 25+ of our Houston Innovation friends at an impromptu Houston dinner on Saturday night! But the sessions and panels were definitely a highlight, and one of our favorites actually helped kick us off on day 1. Did [...]

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The Cannon Classroom – Financing Your Startup


The Cannon Classroom - Financing Your Startup Lunch and Learn Provides Key Financing Tips to Cannon Community Jake Askew, Cannon Ventures For companies trying to get off the ground, one of the biggest hurdles normally revolves around acquiring funding. Whether it’s a friends and family round, early seed stage or a full blown series round, finding funding is a difficult process. This augments the importance of entrepreneurs understanding the full arsenal of tools at their disposal. Late last month, Cannon Ventures and Texas Citizens Bank teamed up to host a Lunch and Learn at The Cannon’s Main Campus to help [...]

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Startup Security


The secret is out - bad actors from around the world  have been stealing trade secrets from United States companies for years. By hook or by crook, through computer chips and group chats,  time and again these groups have stolen intellectual property from American companies. As companies and our government respond to these persistent breaches, it is imperative that business owners big and small expand their security systems  and protect themselves against future attacks. Here are a few steps startups can take to secure their IP. Disaster Recovery Site Fish, ransom and malware are deployed on a [...]

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The Cannon Classroom – Building Your Brand


The Cannon Classroom - Building Your Brand Jake Askew, Cannon Ventures Developing a strong and consistent brand can often be the competitive advantage that sets you apart by allowing you to better understand and connect with your clients. Too often today brand development is dismissed as a logo and color scheme while it is much more than that. Dirk Van Slyke, Co-Founder of local marketing consulting practice (and one of our original members) Statistical Vision has over 25 years of brand management experience. He thinks of a brand as “a relationship with your constituencies that is either strengthened or weakened [...]

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Perfecting Your Pitch


Perfecting Your Pitch Jake Askew, Cannon Ventures At some point, every entrepreneur will understand the importance of delivering a concise, effective pitch. Whether you are pitching a fundraising opportunity to investors or trying to sell your idea to a prospective client, a compelling pitch can make all the difference. We have all heard the clichés for public speaking; however, giving a successful pitch takes more than just “picturing the crowd in their underwear.” Here are 5 tips that should help turn your pitch into a powerful presentation. Start with the Big Picture, Then Narrow Your Focus First, your [...]

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