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Tax Law and Your Startup


People are calling the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act the first major tax shake-up in three decades. While the full scope of the changes brought about by this new act is yet unseen, there’s no denying the sweeping effects these new tax laws touch every aspect of American life. But how can these laws potentially affect the startup world? We took a deeper dive below:  C-Corp Tax ReductionMost startups, especially those looking to raise third-party investment, register as C-Corporations. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act cuts C-Corp tax rates from 35% to 21%. Early-stage startups not yet generating meaningful [...]

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Everyday Leadership: The Secret Sauce to Innovation


Editor's Note - As part of their committment to the Houston Innovation Ecosystem, we are thrilled to partner with Insperity on an ongoing Startup Series on The Cannon Blog. Below is the first of many articles from subject matter experts on the Insperity team, enjoy! Everyday Leadership: the Secret Sauce to Innovation Kelah Raymond Insperity Performance Consultant Running a lean business means you need to get the most from every encounter and every employee. If you want a competitive edge in business and innovation, how are you promoting everyday leadership? In other words, what are you doing to empower [...]

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Startup Strategy – Protecting Your IP


Startup Strategy: Protecting IP Here at The Cannon, we’re all about creatively intelligent people with the guts to chase their ideas. Ideas, especially the kind we witness in action on our campus, hold the power to change the world. That makes them pretty valuable. Whether founding the next Facebook or the next Snuggie, protecting your ideas (and your IP) is critical to retaining that value and your startup. Here are some things to think about to help you protect the things you dream about. Software Selection Apple doesn’t use a 4-digit passcode for its sensitive information - just [...]

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Insperity Innovation Scholarship Launch


The Cannon Announces Launch of Insperity Innovation Scholarship Insperity to sponsor one Houston startup or small business with free workspace Houston, TX: The Cannon, a coworking space and entrepreneurship hub, today announced it has entered into a relationship with Insperity, a leading provider of human resources (HR) and business performance solutions for America’s best businesses, to launch the Insperity Innovation Scholarship. The winning Houston-area company will receive a free dedicated desk membership inside The Cannon for six months, providing an opportunity to connect with mentors, industry experts, entrepreneurs, writers, freelancers, developers, creatives and business professionals. APPLY NOW “We are thrilled [...]

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IoTimeline As with most startup industries, IoT has always been a risky idea. Teaching the machines surrounding us to communicate? It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but that’s the reality in which we now live. In 1950 Alan Turing recommended that "it is best to provide the machine with the best sense organs that money can buy, and then teach it to understand and speak English. This process could follow the normal teaching of a child." While the potential rewards for creating sentient shop vacs are many, the risks also pile up. We still do not understand the [...]