Startups for Kids


At The Cannon, we host startups of all kinds. We have startups that are changing the way we work with energy and startups that cure your hangover before it begins. We’re home to startups who connect field sales teams and startups passionate about connecting fans to the sports they love. Startups are serious business, but that doesn’t mean they can’t also be fun. This week, we’ve tracked down four fantastic startups that focus on bringing joy and growth to children. Check out these startups for kids. Lemonade Day Lemonade Day isn’t just for kids, it’s by kids! For [...]

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Philanthropic Founders


Philanthropic Founders “Starting a company is like eating glass and staring into the abyss.” Here at The Cannon, that Elon Musk quote is one of our favorites. We’re in the business of supporting those brave souls who believe in something so passionately, they’re willing to take that plunge. The blood, sweat, and desktop dinners that come with founding and running a startup cannot be overstated. That’s why we find it so impressive when people start something that gives back to somebody else. Founding an entirely or partially philanthropic organization combines all the rigors of a startup with the trials of running [...]

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Cannon Houston Tech Talks


The Cannon Hosts Houston Tech Talks On Saturday, February 3rd, Houston tech entrepreneurs gathered at The Cannon. On the surface, that sounds like a pretty normal day on our campus. This instance, however, proved unique. Instead of gathering around the watering hole, these guys were gathering for a conference hosted by Houston Tech Talks. Founded by Devon Fanfair and partner Miles Dotson, Houston Tech Talks aims to provide Houston entrepreneurs access to resources that build an inclusive, diverse, and successful environment for software and technology. Devon and Miles brought together local like-minded entrepreneurs to share their experiences and discuss Houston’s technology [...]

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Fit Foods for Strong Startups


Fit Foods for Strong Startups Starving artist? At The Cannon, we know more starving CEOs. Today, entrepreneurs are glamorized as young, hip, and successful people, taking on the world with a smartphone and an idea. Why then, does Elon Musk call starting a company, “Chewing glass while staring into the abyss.”? In reality, starting and running your own company involves grueling hours and constant self-sacrifice, and frequently those sacrifices start with diet. It’s easy to run on coffee and ambition between irregular meal times and fast-food choices. It’s important to remember, however, that your business relies on keeping a clear and [...]

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Chuck Andrews: A Texas-sized Friend


Chuck Andrews - A Texas Sized FriendYou notice Chuck Andrews when he walks in the room. A looming Texan figure with a booming Texan voice, Chuck brightens board rooms with his constant conversation and laid back laugh. More than a personality, Chuck is a force to be reckoned with. After a successful career in law enforcement, Chuck struck out on his own in the security world. Among other things, Chuck now sits on the board of ASIS International and serves as an adjunct graduate professor at his alma mater, Sam Houston State University. His knowledge of the security and law enforcement [...]

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