Connect to and Learn from the Community

The Space

We’ve just opened our first 20,000 square feet of space. Join us now and become a founding member of The Cannon’s campus. You’ll be a card-carrying member for life, receiving discounts and exclusive offerings to our future space and expanded amenities.

More than an Office

We are building out a 17 acre campus to serve as the hub for Houston’s entrepreneurial community. Not only will our campus bring together a diverse business community, but it will provide opportunities for companies to raise capital, participate in an incubator program, and attract top talent.


Casual Desk

The Casual Desk option gives you access to any available desk for up to 15 days per month.


Open Desk

The Open Desk option gives you 24/7 access to any available desk in the entire space, all month long with all our free amenities.


Dedicated Desk

The Dedicated Desk option gives you 24/7 access to a private, permanent workstation — just for you. In addition, you get a locked storage compartment,
mailing address, and access to all of our office amenities.


Private Offices

The Private Office option gives you and your team a space of your own. This option also includes 24/7 access, a locked private office, and mailing address.

Prices Vary


Other Options

One Day Pass

Come in and enjoy the space on an as-needed basis with a One Day Pass. All the free coffee you can handle.


Community Membership

A Cannon Membership gives you free access to all of our events, speakers, and mentors and connects you to our online community forum. In addition, members are able to work at any open desk one day per month.


Event Space

Event space and other meetup spaces available upon request.

Prices on request